Eco India: Meet Shehzad and Saud, Delhi’s self-taught vets who treat injured birds of prey – Delhi Video

published: 2019-01-13 03:15:00

Every week, Eco India brings you stories of innovations from across India and Europe, and the people who make them possible. Our top story this week takes us into the home of the two brothers who have been running a wildlife rescue center for injured birds for over 15 years.



Supervising Producer: Nooshin Mowla

Director of Photography: Harendra Singh Rawat

Video Editor: Sujit Lad

Field Producer: Aabid Shafi

Researcher: James Roy

Assistant Producers: Dewang Trivedi, Shibika Suresh

Script and Executive Producer: Sannuta Raghu


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  1. The hospitals only treat vegetarian birds? What the fuck. Birds also need to be shudh shakahaari to qualify for basic services.

  2. प्लीज त्यांचा contact द्यावे ज्या करून त्यांना आर्थिक मदत देता येईल.ती मदत त्यांना त्यांचं काम मोठा स्वरूप मध्ये विस्तार करता येईल.

  3. The brothers are doing an amazing job. Thank you for bring this amazing story to us. Very well produced. Is there a website or address where we can donate to help the brother's cause.


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