Printing Error in Rs. 2000 Note Creates Panic Nationwide; But Here’s What the Real Mistake Is!

With the government demonetising Rs. 500 and 1000 notes from the Indian market, a new trend set on twitter. Several people who were able to lay their hands on the newly issued Rs. 2000 notes began storming social sites with their numerous selfies with the note.  


Curiosity to analyse the new currency took a whole new level when the public began to notice a major error in its printing. Here’s what happened…


The back side of the note where the value of the currency is written in 15 different languages were reported to have a printing error in the Devanagari script. The note that was supposed to read ‘Do Hazaar Rupaiye’ instead got printed as ‘Don Hazaar Rupaiye’ twice. Yes, you heard that right!


Considered to be a major error by the RBI and the lack of notice by the PMO, the public filled their twitter handles with the grave mistake. Fearing that this mistake will result in the currency being recalled from the market yet again, the public began fearing their daily survival.


The RBI however has maintained its silence the entire time. Wondering why? Well, here’s why…


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