Bag Full of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 Notes Recovered from Blind Beggar and the Amount will Leave You Open-Mouthed

Modi has dropped the bomb and many have already suffered the burns. Some succumbed to the injuries, others survived. But what was surprising is that there is a new ‘class’ of people in India. A class that looks poor but is not poor.


Modi’s black market bomb has also hit some simpletons besides the elite. A blind beggar from Dewas in Madhya Pradesh approached the Sarpanch of the village with bundles of notes that he claims to be his lifelong savings. The money, worth Rs 98,000 was in the form of only Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes.


The man had given all the money to his friends for safe-keeping but soon after the ban on the old currency notes was announced the friends returned him the money fearing action from authorities. The Panchayat officials will discuss the case of the beggar with bank officials and figure out what can be done to help him as he does not own any bank account.

Daily Bhaskar

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