Gracia Raina to Zoravar Dhawan; Here’s a Look at Indian Cricketers With their Adorable Kids!

If celebrities have a constant swarm of shutter bugs around them, celebrity kids are no different either. And it’s not just the world of entertainment, but the world of cricket that has a massive fan following as well. And the same is proved when the numerous images of cricket star kid’s dawn headlines often.


Considering November 14th is celebrated as Children’s Day nationwide, let’s take a look at these star kids, some of whom are so young that they have no idea why they’re being followed by the paparazzi all year round.


Right from Dhoni’s toddler, Ziva to Shikhar Dhawan’s 2-year-old, Zoravar, these little ones have begun to gather a fan following right from their birth. Turning heads no matter where they go, guess these toddlers have learnt to handle fame even better than their star parents.


Take a look at these star kids and you’ll realise why the world is gaga over them! 


Daily Bhaskar

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