Horrible! This Is How Teacher Punished a 7th Class Student for Writing His Name on the Book Issued by School

In a case of corporal punishment, a teacher in Uttar Pradesh’s Mirzapur district hung a pupil from the ceiling for a 7th class student wrote his name on the book issued by the school.


Sunil Kumar, whose father Rajkumar Patel works in the fields, was issued a book from the school on which he wrote his name, seeing which head master Narendra Kumar Singh was livid with shock.


The incident, which occurred on Monday, saw an enraged crowd protesting outside the school, after the accused teacher fled.


It is being reported that at the time of the punishment, at least 12 students were present in the school, who were horrified to see the head master punish the pupil in a cruel manner.

Daily Bhaskar

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