This Girl Spent The Entire Night Drinking With Her Male Friends And Was Found Dead The Next Morning; But Here’s The Twist!

A 35-year-old lady from Indore spent a usual evening drinking alongside her friends. Elated over grabbing a new job, Sushma decided to celebrate by throwing a party for her close friends. But little did she know that this was going to be her final day.


Sushma had decided to spend the evening with two of her male friends. Post purchasing alcohol from a local store, the trio drove to a nearby lake and spent the entire night drinking.


A while later however, Sushma complained of feeling unwell. As a result, they decided to stop their drinking sessions and drive around. Although they stopped at a restaurant nearby, Sushma refused to wake up. Letting her be, her two friends continued to eat and drove away after. They stopped the car at a field and decided to sleep the night away with Sushma in the back seat.


 At dawn, Sushma was found dead in the back seat. Panic struck, the duo decided to drive to the nearest police station and narrated the above mentioned story.


Although the police department were suspicious of the two, it was the post-mortem report that confirmed their suspicion. According to the reports, Sushma was strangled to death. Her two friends have however refused to budge from their story and reveal the truth.


The police are still investigating the matter. 


Daily Bhaskar

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