An Unforgivable Crime: Mother-Of-Two Who Was Burnt By Her ‘Soulless’ Boyfriend Describes Her Agony

A mother of two who suffered horrendous burn injuries after her vile boyfriend doused her and set on fire has spoken to describe her agony.


Judy Malinowski, 33, has had 52 operations in just 16 months after 80 percent of her body was received third and fourth degree burns in an unforgivable crime committed by her then-boyfriend Michael Slager.


She has lost two fingers, both ears, her hair and is now unrecognisable has to contend with a lifetime of pain, surgery and mental trauma even as her monster lover is sentenced to 11 years behind bars.


Judy was denied a chance to face her evil lover in court after he did not challenge the charges.
Daily Bhaskar

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