Ravindra Jadeja’s Restaurant Partly Crushed To The Grounds By A Bulldozer; A Look At Other Indian Cricketers Who Own Restaurant Chains!

Cricketers earning immense money on and off the field aren’t unheard of. But since a lot of their income mainly depends on their form, several of the cricketers plunge into business ventures to keep them financially secure after their cricketing career comes to an end.


While cricketers like Dhoni and Virat Kohli entered the fitness business, several others like Sachin and Jadeja plunged into restaurant ownership. Considering their brand image in itself is sufficient for their business to run a successful course, a lot of Indian cricketers have taken up entrepreneurship.


Ravindra Jadeja in a similar fashion opened up a restaurant as well. Following a cricket theme, the restaurant earned immense popularity ever since its launch in 2012. However, Jadeja’s restaurant recently witnessed some ill fate when a court ordered smashing a part of the restaurant to the ground.


Stating that the restaurant had illegally obtained extra property, the action seemed reasonable. In-spite this, the restaurant’s popularity failed to cease.


Take a look at the other Indian cricketers who are proud businessmen apart from being able star players…  


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