Was Virat Kohli Unaware Of This New Cricket Rule? Here Are Some Lesser Known Rules Of This Game That You May Not Know About

There are some rules of cricket that are not well known. One such rule is DRS (Decision Review System). The new DRS protocol for reviewing not-out lbw decisions came into effect in September 2016. In this, the captain of the fielding side can ask for a not-out decision to be referred to the third umpire. However, there is one tricky part of this rule-you cannot ask for DRS after a lapse of 15 seconds.


Looks like Indian captain Virat Kohli wasn't aware of this small clause in the DRS system, and hence could not use it during the Day 1 of Chennai test.


In this game, Jadeja appealed for an LBW against Alister Cook, which the umpire declined. Virat then talked to other players of the team to discuss if the umpire's decision should be put under review or not. But by that time it was too late.


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