Photos Of Male Cops Violently Beating Up A Girl Goes Viral; Another Incident of Police Harassment?

The police department, whose sole purpose is to protect civilians, have time and again dawned headlines for harassing the common man. Right from illegally fetching money off passengers on the streets to falsely accusing civilians of crime, cases of corruption by the cops have only increased in the past few years.


Standing by the image they have created for themselves, Kurukshetra city of Haryana reported a gruelling case of police harassment. A few of the cops visited a certain Rajendra Nagar earlier this week with an arrest warrant against one Kuldeep Singh.


Since Kuldeep was nowhere to be found within the premises of his house, they decided to question the father. Losing his cool over the arrest, his father, Satish Kumar began to abuse the cops. With matters having escalated soon after, Satish’s daughter intervened to stop the physical war between the lot.


This is when the cops began to attack the girl inculcating grievous injuries on the young one. While the passer-by’s tried their best to rescue the little girl, it was all for a vain.


It was only when the culprit Kuldeep Singh showed up eventually that the cops decided to stop the violence. The police have however denied all allegations. Take a look at the photos and we’ll simply let you decide… 


Daily Bhaskar

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