13-Year-Old Pakistani Girl Married Off To Deaf And Mute Man By Father Under A Sickening Deal

A 13-year-old Pakistani girl was married off by her father to a deaf and mute man who is aged 36 under a sickening deal.


Under the deal, Saima's father Wazir Ahmed arranged her marriage to Mohammad Ramzan so he can take disabled man's sister as his second wife.
After the 'deal' came to light after police investigation and both Wazir and Ramzan were arrested and jailed for few days.
The two were released after Saima testified in the court that she was 16 years old — which she says told the authorities to protect her father and husband.
Her father told that what really mattered for this ‘exchange’ was that Saima had reached puberty. Wazir, who only had daughter from his first wife had hoped that by taking Ramzan’s sister as his second wife he could have a son.
Daily Bhaskar

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