Two Policemen From Nagaland Accused Of Cooking Cats And Langur For Food In Their Room

The two constables of Nagaland Armed Police (NAP) in Delhi are in a pickle due to their customs and eating habits.
The accused constables, V Vihuto Awomi and Vi Toho, stationed at the Central Police Radio Training Institute (CPRTI) in the national capital now face disciplinary actions after it was alleged that they cooked cats, dogs and langur (monkey) at their barrack's kitchen.
Their room was raided by the Delhi State Animal Welfare Board last week following a complaint by fellow officer of foul smell in the barracks and a dead cat in a polythene was seized from the premises.
The duo, however, didn’t deny cooking the feline for food, but argued that in their culture it is considered normal to consume cat meat.
Daily Bhaskar

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