Here’s Where The Real-Life ‘Dangal’ Sisters Lived And Trained For their Glorious Wrestling Feat; See Inside Pics!

Aamir Khan’s recent flick, Dangal has been ruling the box office ever since its release. Based on the real life story of Mahavir Phogat and his daughters, the film captures all the essential details of the trio’s life.


Showcased as training his two little ones in an open field, real life was in-fact quite different. Owning a home in Haryana, Mahavir Singh Phogat trained his kid’s right inside the premises of his home. As of now, over 40 children visit their residence on a daily basis for practise.


Following an equally strict training schedule as shown in the movie, the practise sessions resume at 4am and continue all the way till 7. An evening session of the same timings is held as well. Mahavir all these years has continued to train these children entirely free of cost.


While it sure did take the world a longer time to credit the sisters for their achievement, the trio have continued to gain immense respect in their village in-spite all odds.


A closer look at the home of the Phogat sisters… 


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