This Boy Who Transformed Into A Girl Is Finally Happy With The Look, But Plans More Surgeries Worth Rs 50 Lakh

Kate Cooch, an 18-year-old transgender, knew she was born in the wrong body when she was merely seven. Born as Callum, Kate always wanted to appear like a girl since primary school.


The British teen from Stafford has though finally become the girl she always wanted to be, Kate plans more surgery to look more feminine.


The operations that will cost upwards of Rs 50 lakh and will reportedly include tracheal shave, reassignment surgery, facial feminisation surgery, a chin reduction, rhinoplasty, brow bone shave and mini eyebrow lift. 


At age seven, when her classmates were discussing during swimming lessons what they wanted to be when they grow up, Kate, who was in the pool said 'I want to be a girl'.


She was laughed at and was called names, so pushed the thought in the back of her mind, but the episode "really hurt my feelings."
Daily Bhaskar

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