From Nailing His Testicles To The Ground To Sewing His Lips, 10 Pictures Of This Artist That’s Making People Sit Up And Take Notice

He nailed his testicles to the cobblestones of Russia’s famous Red Square. He sewed his lips shut. He sliced his right earlobe with a large kitchen knife.   


Controversial Russian political artist Pyotr Pavlensky has a body of work full of self-harming and cringe-worthy art. It includes sewing his lips together to protest against the jail sentences given to members of Pussy Riot.


He also wrapped himself in barbed wire outside a Russian government building, 


The artist nailed his testicles to the cobblestoned ground of Red Square in Russia. 


He chopped off his eralobe to protest against Russia's forced psychiatry of people wih anti-Russia views. 


He was also charged with arson when he set fire to an important Russian building. 


Pavlensky has fled Russia with his partner Oksana and is now seeking asylum.      

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