Indian-Origin Teacher Sold Her ‘Dream Home’ In UK For 2 Pounds After Six-Year Feud With Neighbour Over 12 Tiles

When Rekha Patel bought the dilapidated two-bedroom cottage in 2010 for £200,000 she wanted to turn it into her dream home, but ended up selling her property for mere £2 after a fallout with the neighbour.
The British-India, who is a teacher, sold her home in Derbyshire to stop it from being siezed by the court to settle a legal bill of £76,000 racked up in six-year feud with her neighbour Frances Brierley.
It all started over just 12 poxy tiles on their shared roof that got damaged during the renovations. Rekha was evicted from her house when she did not pay the fee ordered by the court.
Rekha, who had spent thousands of pounds renovating the cottage to turn it into her dream home, then sold it for mere £2 to two private firms to stop it from being taken over to pay the debt.
She will now continue to live in her house as a tenant after signing a ten-year tenancy with the two firms who she sold the house to.
Daily Bhaskar

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