How A Woman Discovered Husband’s Dark Sexual Fantasies Including A Plot To Kill, Cook And Eat Her

The former New York City police officer known as the 'cannibal cop' is unrepentant as he till visits website dedicated to eating human flesh. Gilberto Valle, after his acquittal, co-wrote a book, Raw Deal: The Untold Story of NYPD's Cannibal Cop, in which he describe the moment when his now ex-wife Kathleen Mangan discovered his dark sexual fantasies.
The 32-year-old told the when his computer broke down he started using the one his wife had. Kathleen suspected Valle was having an affair so had installed a spyware in the computer, which Valle said led to her finding about the kind of pornographic material he was searching.
He added that the chats along with the Google searches exposed the secret life he was living.
Kathleen discovered that the former cop was visiting Dark Fantasy Network (DFN) websites where he would share how he fantasises kidnapping and killing his wife and other women so he could cook and eat them.
In the book, Valle described when his wife found out about his plot she confronted him, he wrote, "She cut me off and said, 'Cook women? Grill them? That's what we are to you?’" Before adding in the book that he was mortified when his wife questioned about the searches he had made and he just kept apologising.

He was arrested in October 2012 and the father of one was accused of planning to kidnap dozens of women so that he could cook and eat them.
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