Woman Asks Docs to Save Her Dead Husband’s Sperms Before the Postmortem. Know Why!

Some laws in India are really outdated and need to be completely overhauled. Inconsiderate medical laws stopped a woman from embracing motherhood and created a ruckus in India's medical sphere.


A Delhi woman requested doctors to help her become a mother through the In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) technique. The woman had no children and thus asked doctors to store her dead husband’s sperm before conducting a postmortem.


The astonished doctors however had to decline the request as Indian law prohibits such an act.


The issue came to the limelight as doctors from AIIMS Forensic department took the initiative of publishing this case in an international journal. They have strongly advocated a change in the existing laws regarding this issue.


Our country definitely needs to match steps with other nations across the globe and evolve laws that are more humane.


Several countries have liberal laws as far as storing dead people’s sperms are concerned. Czech Republic allows women to embrace motherhood through this process.
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