Female Athletes from Around the World Who Revealed their Feminine Side in Style!

Just like the all the workplaces in the world, the Sports world is dominated by the men as well. Considering their mighty physical strength, women sportspersons find it harder to make a mark. But strong female athletes have turned out to be not just fascinating role models, but also a complete package of toughness mixed with beauty.


Having astounding skills and agility, these female athletes do not fear baring their skin; be it for the love of the sport or to plainly reveal their feminine edge. While sports magazine often have women and men flaunting their talent and skills on their covers, there are magazines like ‘Playboy’ that have opened a whole new demographic for these sports stars.


Revealing their bold side, Playboy gave these athletes a chance to move away from their aggressive side and showcase their beauty. This stint has not just helped them in boosting their confidence, but has also resulted in getting a boost in publicity. While most women make their appearances post their Olympic stint, several other sweat it out to simply stay ahead in the game.


Although debates are on if these athletes should be considered as role models, the fact that these women too have a different side that daunts natural beauty, can’t be denied. So while the famous female athletes flaunt their attractive side, you can take a look at the many that flocked these magazines in style! 


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