Wife Catches Husband’s Secret Lover, Beats Her up Beyond Recognition Before Dumping Her on a Busy Street

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and a mistress in China found out just that after being caught by her lover’s raging wife who launched a vicious attack on her before dumping her on the street..


Chinese media reported that woman was left with a heavily swollen face and some teeth knocked out after some of heavy blows she recieved from the scorned wife of her lover.


The photos show the mistress in the bushes and slumped up against a tree in what looks like a busy street.


Some of the photos that were shared on Chinese social media website Weibo reveal how the woman’s face was horrifically transformed after the vile attack.


One of the woman’s selfies which surfaced on social media came with the caption: “I am only in my twenties, but I am feeling more and more tired. People do not understand my story. I have witnessed a thousand kinds of sorrow.”

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