Drunkenness, Fights & Arrests: Australian School Kids Dawn Headlines for their Wild Party!

School kids partying on the final day of their graduation doesn’t come as a surprise. And it was the same scenario in Australia’s Gold Coast where boozed up school kids were seen partying the night away.


But it was the aftermath of the party that grabbed the attention of the public worldwide. While several of the Gold Coast teenagers stormed their social media accounts with wild party pictures, several others saw their photos on leading dailies across the country.


Right from young teenagers being wheeled away, to the emergency rescue team raiding the raucous party, the wild party night in Gold Coast immediately turned into a gruelling emergency situation.


Female and male medics were spotted all over the city trying their best to rescue the many drunken teens until the wee hours of dawn. The mayhem caused by the teens turned out to be one of Australia’s biggest news bulletin.


A closer look at the schoolies who grabbed headlines…

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