WATCH: 70-Year-Old Woman Brutally Beaten By Her Son, Who Takes Her Rental Income And Abuses Every Day

She’s lying on the floor bleeding through her nose and wearing a blood-stained saree, that’s how a shocking and distressing video that went viral on social media platforms of a 70-year-old woman allegedly beaten by her son begins.


In the video Rajindari Devi’s son Nand Kishor is sitting next to her on a bench telling her not to tell lies as she told that he beats her and snatches money from her.


The incident came to light when human rights activist Kundan Srivastava shared the video, which was shot by the neighbours who witness the incident, on his Facebook page and website The Voice Raiser.


Describing the elderly woman’s ordeal, Kundan on his Facebook profile wrote, “This elderly woman is 'Rajindari Devi' resident of Gali No. 8, Subhash Park, Shahdara, Delhi – 110032. On November 24, 2016, her son Nand Kishore (Nandu) brutally thrashed her to kill, but she was saved somehow. He always used to take her rental income, abused and beat her every day.”


While updating on his post which was shared on December 7, Kundan wrote that the woman has already taken back her complaint due pressure from her son Nand Kishor.
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