Shocking Video Of ISIS Militants Burning Alive Two Turkish Soldiers Creates Outrage World Over

A disturbing video has emerged recently, which shows two men with shaved heads, crawling on the sand like animals, and then made to stand barefoot in the middle of a desert, connected by the neck to a torched fuse. As the remote control is pressed, their body gets engulfed in flames. This video has been released by ISIS, and has spread like a wildfire- with people in shock at the barbarism shown in the video.


The two soldiers are apparently Turkish, captured in Aleppo, Syria. When the news of the video reached Turkey, the government shut down social media outlets to stop the countrymen from seeing this savage act.


The total length of the video is 19-mins and has been posted by the jihadists on their website. The video comes days after a Turkish policeman killed a Russian diplomat after a press conference, for the country's policies in Syria. Besides, 16 Turkish soldiers were killed by ISIS fighters recently in Ankara.

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