Pak Mother Burns Daughter Alive For Marrying The Man She Loved, Gets Death Sentence


The remorseless Pakistani mother said that the killing of her daughter was a punishment ‘for bringing shame to the family’. Cajoling her daughter to come home and assuring her of a wedding reception, Parveen Bibi along with her son beat her daughter, tied her to a cot and doused her with kerosene oil, setting her on fire.


Promised a celebration but instead burnt alive, 18-year-old Zeenat Rafiq became part of yet another statistic in Pakistan. A nameless number in the data collected on honour killings in the country. Between 2008 and 2010, Pakistan reported a total of 1,636 incidences of killings in the name of ‘Family Honour.’ Thousands such cases were reported in 2016 as well.


The gruesome murder of Zeenat Rafiq by her mother refreshes the memories of Qandeel Baloch, who was strangled to death by her brother because of her ‘bad character.’  


Parveen Bibi confessed to burning her daughter alive after she eloped to marry Hassan Khan, her classmate. Zeenat’s husband told media that the couple were in love since school days but were forced to elope after marriage proposals by Hasan Khan were rejected by her family.


He further said that his wife was reluctant to go back home but relented after Zeenat was assured of her safety by her family. Naseem Bibi, the murderer's younger sister, revealed that her sister disapproved her daughter marrying a Pashtun. Hassan Khan, a motorcycle mechanic is a Pashtun, while Zeenat was a Punjabi.


On Monday, the mother was sentenced to death, while her son, Anees Rafique, was given a life term as accomplice in the crime committed in June last year.  

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