AAP Leader Kumar Vishwas Joining BJP Leave Masses Perplexed; Here’s How AAP Responded

A few days after reports on Navjot Singh Sidhu joining Congress made headlines, reports from a leading daily on AAP leader Kumar Vishwas joining the saffron party BJP made rounds.


Stating that Vishwas being side-lined in the Aam Aadmi Party was the major reason for him switching parties, a detailed report on Kumar Vishwas contesting for the Sahibabad region of Ghaziabad left people wondering.


Reports also suggested that Kumar Vishwas was in-fact in talks with the BJP leaders for the past few months as the party already had two other candidates contesting for the said region.


A few hours after the report went viral on social sites, Kumar Vishwas and the other AAP leaders took to their twitter handles to mock the report. Vishwas not just shunned the trending rumours, but also suggested that they were ridiculous to be believed.


"According to sources, PM joining TDP, now run this as news. Just joking like you guys," tweeted Kumar Vishwas post the outrage.


His colleague Manish Sisodia soon joined him and mocked the reports with a tweet as well. Take a look… 


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