Bottled Supplement To A Multi-Million Dollar Empire; This Is How Instagram Turned Shredz CEO Arvin Lal Into A Millionaire

One of the most popular supplements used by gym freaks around the world, Shredz built its massive empire with the sole help of social media. Shredz CEO Arvin Lal built his empire at the age of 27 in the year 2012. And now 5 years later, Shredz has to become a $ 5 Million worth business.


The journey of millionaire Arvin Lal began when he was pumping iron for a buffed-up physique. Realising Arvin intends to lose weight, his chiropractor friend mixed his drinks with herbal supplements. This helped him lose over 8 pounds in two weeks. Upon learning the supplement was in-fact legal, he decided to bottle it up. And thus, Shredz came into existence.


Intending to promote it among gym freaks, Arvin marketed his products widely on social media. It was however online platform Instagram that turned to be the massive winner. Uploading pictures of trainers who use the supplement, their impressive physique soon attracted masses to Shredz.


Shredz that managed to earn a revenue of $ 90,000 in the year 2012, soon crossed a revenue of over $ 5 Million Dollars in the year 2013.


What started off as a bottled supplement has now turned into a multi-million Dollar company and Arvin Lal’s flamboyant lifestyle proves just how far the company has come! 


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