British Expat’s Swanky Lifestyle Tragically Ends In Thailand After Gunman Shoots Him Dead In His Red Porsche

It was a normal day for British businessman Tony Kenway, who was running his errands just like it was another day in Pattaya city. Living his life to the fullest with his wife Pas, the British expat had been in Thailand for years.  However, it all changed one morning.


He had walked to his red Porsche Cayenne GTS but was soon approached by a gunman, who opened the door of his parked car and shot him twice in the head.


The 39-year-old man was declared dead at the crime scene at around 10 am local time.


Kenway married had married his wife, Pas, in 2011. In the CCTV footage realesed by the police, the crime scene can be seen.


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