Rice-stealing Rat Tied Up And Publicly Shamed With A Confession Note Around Its Neck

Some are calling it clever, some are calling it funny, while some shake their head and term the situation of the poor rat pitiable. The confessional note around the rat’s neck reads, “I dare not do it again.”


A shop owner in Heyuan city in south eastern China's Guangdong Province tied up the rat and publically humiliated it after catching it stealing some rice.  


Another lengthier note states, “And another, with the rodent tied by each of its limbs in the same way, with a lengthier message that reads: 'Huh, is this the best you could do? 'Even if you beat me to death, I would not admit that the rice at your home had been stolen by me.”


A Weibo user uploaded the pictures with a caption, "A friend of mine found a small rat in the warehouse of a convenience store. After it was arrested, it was shamed with a poster. Poor rat! How will it celebrate the Lunar New Year?”

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